Welcome to the Gabutti Dental Practice!

We specialise in oral surgical treatment.

Your dental practice in the centre of Basel

A few steps away from the Johanniterbrücke, we treat toothache and wisdom teeth professionally.

Top-quality oral surgery

Thanks to highly sophisticated techniques such as laser technology and the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and dental hypnosis, we can also treat anxious patients.

Dr. med. dent. Gabutti Dental Practice

Your dentist in the centre of Basel

The Dr. med. dent. Nicolas Gabutti Dental Practice is in Basel. The practice specialises in general and surgical dentistry, implantology, periodontology and periodontal surgery.

My practice is built on a personal and friendly interaction with my patients, offering a full explanation of the situation and the therapy options available.

Our high level of expertise comes from our qualified knowledge, our abilities and hard work, together with many years of experience and the use if suitable techniques using the most appropriate instruments and materials.

All treatments are performed with the aid of high to very high optical magnification:

  • Dental hygiene standard: 2.5x dental loupes
  • Dentist standard: 5.0x dental loupes
  • Oral surgery standard: 4.5x dental loupes
  • Complex: surgical microscope:  7-25x


TeamTeam - Dentistry Gabutti - Basel

Dr. Nicolas Gabutti
Specialist Dentist in Oral Surgery
General Dentist SSO WBA

Dental assistants

  • Ines Culetto
  • Krenare Agushi
  • Marianela Atahua
  • Blearta Agushi (in training)

Dental hygienist

  • Pia Kölliker, dental hygienist SDH


Memberships and further training

All further training over many years with regular and confirmed participation.

SSO         Swiss Dental Association

SSP          Swiss Society of Periodontology

SSOS       Swiss Society of Oral Surgery and Stomatology

SGI          Swiss Society of Oral Implantology

SMSH      Swiss Medical Association for Hypnosis

SSE          Swiss Society for Endodontology

SSRD      Swiss Society of Reconstructive Dentistry

ZGB         Dental Association Basel

SGDMFR Swiss Society for Dentomaxillofacial Radiology          


Regular guest physician at University Hospital Basel, Maxillofacial Surgery (senior consultant: Prof Dr. Zeilhofer and Prof. Dr. Kunz, PD Dr. Jaquiéry, PD. Dr. Leiggener)



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